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Sunday, February 20, 2011

No Dying Allowed

The following is a texting conversation between my bestie, Tatiana, and myself this afternoon.

Tatiana: Hi friend. Are you still alive? Please still be alive. I would DIE if anything happened to you :-(

Me: You cannot die. I will need someone to say nice things at my funeral. I've designated you that person. Now, as for my personal well being, I just took another round of Advil. My fever broke last night. Tired, headache, joints still achy, but I don't have the pukes and it's not a head cold. Gots a deep, chesty cough though. I'm still alive!

Tatiana: Can I tragically fling myself into the burial hole place thing after I say nice things?

Me: Yes. That sounds wonderfully Anne Shirley and Diana romantic. Don't forget to drop a single red rose behind when they pull you back, screaming and clutching at my coffin.

Tatiana: Red rose. Of course. Now that this topic has gotten strangly morbid, which I take full responsability for, I'm glad you're alive and not feverish and not puking. Sorry about the cough though. Bet you sound lovely. :-)

Me: I was going to write, "I can make puking sound lovely!" but I don't think my mother would approve. But thank you. I am glad I didn't come down and infect you.

...And then we went on to discuss more wonderful and pleasant things. I think it's important that best friends set and declare expectations on each other...including how one shall behave at the other's funeral, don't you?

Thank you all for the prayers and well wishes. I am still feeling very tired, achey, but thankfully I did not get hit as hard as some of my co-workers. I'm expecting to get a good night's rest and be at work tomorrow.

And now I leave you with this video that is guaranteed to make every woman laugh...and maybe a few men too :-)



  1. I LOVE the Anne of Green Gables book and movies so when I saw the first picture I knew this was going to be an awesome blog post.

    At least you don't have croup...then I'd have to come over with a bottle of Ipecac and feed it to you all night long during a terrible blizzard.

  2. You have warmed my heart. I will put you down in the "CONFIRMED" column for a midnight Ipecac run during a blizzard. :-D



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