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About Me

Welcome to Better Than Doing Laundry. In case you haven't guessed, I hate doing the laundry. Sometimes I will "forget" money in a pocket to make it more exciting. It's no fun when you remember that you put it there to begin with. So this blog is basically a giant excuse so I don't have to do laundry. Maybe I have avoidance issues. I can live with that when it comes to laundry. I'd rather be blogging than doing laundry.

I'm a complicated middle child, type A, who loves her home town of Arbutus, MD, unicorns, Candy Land, hairspray, and dreams that there's a happy little land of fairies under mushrooms in the front yard. And then feels disappointment when they're mowed over with the lawn mower. Not the fairies. The mushrooms. Fairies live forever, right?

Welcome to the land of Erin.

Watch out for the imaginary confetti. It gets on everything.

Wanna shoot me an email? Sure! No prob. Email me at:


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