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Monday, July 11, 2011

7 Step Secret To Not Eating The Entire SunChip Bag

Someone once asked me, "Erin, how in the world does one keep from eating the entire bag of chips at once?? Is it possible??"

And so I responded to said, "No. There is only one way. The only way to keep from devouring an entire bag of SunChips at once is to never buy them again."

And Someone...fine, ME...felt so sad.

Never have SunChips again?

They're sweet, they're salty, they're crunchy, they're grainy, they come in a super crinkly sounding bag, and they're pretty much irresistible.


How do I live life never eating SunChips again?? I don't have the willpower of an ice cube eating super model! I must have them!

But I found a way not to eat the entire bag. I discovered the secret one day as I was mindlessly munching. I flipped the bag over with my salty fingers and began reading the bunch of numbers on the back of the bag during during a TV commercial. Turns out those numbers are "nutritional guidelines" and there's a thing called a "serving size."

I call it, The Secret.

Every packaged good has one. And, I further discovered, if I follow The Secret, the bag lasts longer.

Now I will unlock The Secret and share my 7 Step Secret To Not Eating The Entire SunChip Bag with you.

Step 1: Grab a digital food scale. Yes. A food scale. Don't freak out. It's my favorite new gadget. They're around $20 and super awesome.

Step 2: Pull out some sandwich baggies.

Step 3: Grab the bag of SunChips you just bought on sale from WalMart. Or wherever.

Step 4: Open bag of Sunchips. And eat one.

Step 5: Eat a second because you can't eat just one. That's enough. You've now tested the bag for quality assurance purposes. Put the third chip back. Put it back! Good.

Step 6: Reach in the bag, gently scoop up a handful of chips and place them on the scale. When it says 28 grams (or 1 ounce) you've got the right amount of chips. That, my friend, is a serving size. It's what goes in the fancy mini bag of SunChips. You just made your very own fancy mini bag of SunChips at a fraction of the cost. That little baggie is now worth about 34 cents.

Step 7: Repeat until the entire big bag of SunChips morph into a bunch of mini bags of SunChips.

And that's my 7 Step Secret To Not Eating The Entire SunChip Bag.

When the chips are individually portioned, it feels pretty weird to grab 4 mini bags and tear through them during a movie or TV show, which is what I was doing before The Secret. And, lest you think it takes a long time to make The Secret happen, I timed myself and it took me all of five minutes and nineteen seconds to divide the entire bag into mini bags.



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