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Sunday, June 10, 2012

The Spelling Vigilante

All I wanted to get was some zucchini. Just some lousy zucchini. But as soon as I entered the farmers' market, I was assaulted by a spelling error.

The vendor, the first vendor I see, proudly announced that they had "CHEDAR CHEESE" in stock. A spelling error is one thing. A spelling error in all caps is another. I politely refused when offered a free sample of said cheese. There is no way on earth that I'm eating cheese from a company that can't spell their product correctly. Details. It's about the details. (If spelling isn't your thing, the word "cheddar" has two d's, not one.)

I tried to shake it from my mind and continued on my way.

But I was assaulted again. AGAIN.

You see, I was waiting in line to pay for my zucchini when I spied several bins of potatoes. On each bin was a sign marking the variety: red potato, yukon gold potato, and white potato.

Except they spelled "potato" the Dan Quayle way...with an "e" at the end: potatoe.

The Spelling Vigilante emerged from within. I tried to keep her silent. I tried to tell her to keep her eyes focused on the zucchini, but she couldn't do it.

The Spelling Vigilante examined the sign, trying to appear nonchalant. It was written with a dry erase pen on a piece of plastic.

Good. Verrrrry good.

She stepped out of line, sauntered up to the potato display, and pretended to examine the delightful potato varieties.

The Spelling Vigilante looked to her right.

Then she quickly looked to her left.

The Spelling Vigilante reached over with her finger and quickly wiped the "e" off all three signs.

She surveyed her work, smiled to herself, and rejoined the line.


  1. You rock! I am now inspired to rip the printed (not dry erase) signs off the wall at the gym that say they are "Now open on Saturday's." So irritating!!

    1. Do it! DO IT! There is no excuse for bad punctuation at a business!

  2. The best spelling error ever is at the food vendors at the Mount of Transfiguration in Israel. Instead of Snack Bar, the awning says Snake Bar.

  3. Yay! You go Erin! You know that you INCREASED sales for that vender by making that small change. Spelling counts. I wish it didn't, I have my own issues with it, but it COUNTS.

    1. And THAT was my whole goal. People still think the "CHEDAR" vendor is crazy. But the potato vendor? Pure genius now!

  4. Shouldn't the potato bins been marked:

    yukon gold potatoes
    red potatoes
    white potatoes

    To be identified as potato, would mean to sell one? Would it not?

    i was at the farmer's market in Arnold and one little elderly lady wanted to purchase 4 potatoes, she was told she could only purchase by the basket. :-p

    What say you, oh great spelling ninja?

    1. Welllllll....I think that one depends, actually. Because they are talking about the variety, singular works. If they are talking about what's in the bin, then plural. At least that's how I see it...



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