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Sunday, December 30, 2012

What Light Through Yonder Window Breaks?

It was a little before 6AM when I was awoken by a very bright light piercing through the blinds in my bedroom. I waited for the light to fade away, expecting it to be headlights of a car coming down a driveway, but the intensity of the light never changed.

I sleepily looked out the window, and to my surprise, the bright light was a full moon.

I stared at it, and I stared some more - mostly because I was still half asleep and my brain hadn't yet begun to function. The moon has never woken me up before, so why this morning?

"Perhaps," I thought, "the moon just wanted someone to appreciate the job it did while the world slept. Or perhaps the moon wanted someone to notice it was leaving to make way for the sun."

Yes, that must be it.

So, I smiled at the moon and whispered, "Goodbye, Mr. Moon - you did a great job tonight. I'll see you tomorrow - same time, same place. Toodles!"

The moon sparkled and shone a little more and then disappeared behind a cloud, leaving me all alone in complete darkness.

I nestled back into my bed and closed my eyes ready to go back to sleep. But my brain was awake and decided to be mischievous as it can be at times.

"You know something we haven't thought about in quite a while when you're all alone and your bedroom is completely dark?" my brain asked me. "Monsters. I bet there are some under your bed right now."

Naughty brain.

I felt around in the darkness for the lamp beside my bed, being careful to keep my body under the covers. It's a well known fact that monsters can't get you when you're under the covers.

After knocking an empty, plastic cup off the nightstand, my hand finally found the lamp. I switched the light on and breathed a sigh of relief. Monsters can't emerge when there's a light in a room. That's another well known fact. My mom told me that when I was six.

And then it occurred to me...maybe that's why the moon shone such a bright light into my window. It saw a monster and scared it away.

Awww...thanks, Mr. Moon. You're the best moon that ever was!

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  1. Oh, that must be why I love the moon so much! So glad you're safe! ; )



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