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Monday, September 13, 2010

The First Grandbabies

Ryan and Lisa (my cousin and his wife) announced during our Easter gathering this past spring that we were going to play a little game. They handed out Easter eggs filled with jelly beans and tiny letters to my mom and dad, grandparents, aunt and uncle (Ryan's parents), and cousin Sarah (Ryan's sister). They had to figure out what the words spell and they'd get a prize.

Sarah, Lisa, and I were sitting in the living room. Everyone else was around the corner in the dining room. Sarah only had 4 letters and had her word spelled in an instant. I got up from my chair to see what she spelled. It took me a second and then it hit me. The word was, "Aunt." I looked at Lisa, my eyes huge. She smiled and nodded. "Oh my gosh....!" I whispered. Then Sarah got it. Then there was a flurry of activity in the dining room. Then there were some tears. Then there were lots of hugs. Ryan and Lisa were going to have a baby. The first grandbaby of the family. The first great-grandbaby too. I love the look of surprise on my grandmother's face as Ryan is telling her it's true. Isn't she cute?

Fast forward a few months and the sonogram's TWINS! A little boy and a little girl! Jordan Cole and Kendal Paige will be here around Thanksgiving and we can't meet to them.

Saturday, we celebrated their soon-to-be arrival with family and friends. Sarah had some great ideas for the baby shower.

  • In lieu of cards, everyone was asked to bring a book to fill Jordan and Kendal's library. She didn't ask, but it would be sweet to sign the inside of the book.
  • The favors were tiny packets of wild flower seeds. The card on the front had the phrase, "Two babies are blooming."
  • A table was laid out with scrapbook supplies. Everyone was asked to make a page for Jordan and Kendal's baby scrapbook so all Lisa had to do was pop the pictures into place. My page stunk. I'll tell you that flat out. I've been doing digital too long. But it was the thought that counts, right??? I can hear the kids giving me grief for it when they're eight.
  • Guess The Price Game: about a dozen items lined a table. Everyone was supposed to guess the price of those items. The person with the closest dollar figure to the real amount won a prize. Bonus: mommy gets all the supplies afterward.
  • Baby Clothespin Game: Sarah found mini pastel colored clothespins. Each person got 2 clothespins to start out. When we heard someone say the word "baby," we could take 1 clothespin from that person. Let's just say I lost 1 of mine and I didn't win. Hmph.
  • Baby Food Game: Containers of baby food were marked in alphabetical order. The trick was to guess the food by color. One mom got each one correct! Kudos to her.

Here are some photos from the shower. By the way...the unofficial color of the day was turquoise. Don't know how we all did it, but we did.

Baby Shower Diaper Cakes


  1. I love the book idea and the scrapbook idea!

  2. Wow! Look at that spread! Now THAT is a the kind of baby shower I want to go to!

  3. That spread was awesome! One thing about our combined family gatherings...there is never a lack of great food.



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