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Friday, September 10, 2010

Fun Fact Friday - My Mother Is Ashamed I Can Do This

My brothers roll their eyes in disgust, but deep down inside I know it's really their way of showing admiration.

My father's eyes get huge.

My mother. mother. It's a combination of shock, horror, and slight admiration. I think.

"YOU are a LADY!!!" she reminds me every time I belch.

You see, I can belch. Like really belch. It's impressive. I consider it a talent.

My mother?

Not. So. Much.

When my family sees me drinking warm soda, they run.

I rarely drink soda for that reason. Coke Zero, Sprite Zero, Diet A&W Root Beer. Happy sigh. How I love them. But I avoid them.

You know one of my biggest disappointments in life? I can't fake belch. Not a lick. Zip. Zilch. Nada. It's kind of disappointing. My brother? Well, Austin can belch the alphabet. It's like a belching symphony. And I get jealous every time he does it.

And there you have today's fun fact and a confession from an overgrown tomboy.

By the way, I'm single and available. Wink.


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