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Wednesday, September 22, 2010

I Saw Them With My Own Two Eyes

{taken with my iPhone}

Look at what was in my backyard this evening.


You're probably thinking, "Big whoop. They're in my yard all the time. I have no bushes. I have no grass. Shoot, I'd actually be happy to see some weeds, because the deer eat EVERYTHING!!!!"

But this is Arbutus, MD.

We don't have deer here. The only deer we see...well...let's just say it's too late for them when we see them.

But these deer were awesome deer.

Like, real live deer.

In my own backyard.

I was a couple of mice, a poofy dress, and a prince short of a Disney movie.

Good thing grape tomato plants aren't highly featured in a Disney movie. The deer had a snack attack on those things.

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