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Tuesday, March 22, 2011

My Favorite Camera Apps

It's pretty safe to say that I am a camera app junkie. If there's one thing I love more than my iPhone itself, it's taking pictures with my iPhone. I love the creativity of the apps and how it can turn a regular camera phone picture into something fun and funky.

I get asked all the time which camera apps I use so I thought I'd share the list of my faves.

Best Camera - $2.99
The app is designed by an award winning photographer named Chase Jarvis. It has a number of filters, and I love, love, love the "jewel" filter. You can edit it a photo and upload it to Facebook, Twitter, and Flickr all at once. What I don't like is it only saves the photos as 600x400px, there's no control over cropping, it only does a plain, white frame, and the photo, when uploaded to Twitter, opens into a mobile unfriendly webpage instead of being able to view the photo like you can with yfrog or twitpic. You can still create some pretty incredible pictures with this app.

Get it through the app store here.

Hipstamatic - $1.99 for the base camera, additional filters available for 99 cents.
Hipstamatic gives you the feeling of shooting old school with a toy camera. You can swap the lens, flash, and frame and come up with some really unique images. The bonus is it lets you save full size images...large enough to print (and I have printed some of my Hipstamatic photos). It also lets you upload to Facebook from the app. What I don't like: you can't import a picture you've already taken and apply the effects - you have to take the picture with the app. It's still one of my faves.

Get it through the app store here.

Instagram - FREE
Instagram has a dozen unique filters for creating a funky image. You can import a photo you've already taken or use the camera within the app to take a picture. You get complete control over the crop. This is easily one of my favorite apps. And it's free. Did I mention it's free? It's free. You can upload to Twitter, Tumblr, Flickr, Posterous, & Facebook and check in to Foursquare when you post a photo with a location.

Get it through the app store here.

CameraBag - $1.99
Allows you to take a photo within the app or import a photo and process with a number of styles. Double tapping on the selected filter will give you a different variation on the filter. I love the Instant, Helga, and Color Cross filters. It gives you the option of emailing the image, but not instantly uploading to Facebook or Twitter. If you like the filters for your iPhone and would like to edit images that you've taken with your regular camera, you can now get the app for your desktop computer. Pretty genius.

Get it through the app store here.

Infinicam - $1.99
From the makers of CameraBag, this app offers a dozen different filters and frames that you can mix and match. If there is a combination that you use frequently, you can save the combo to create your own custom look and easily apply it to an image in the future. There is full control over cropping, plus you can import a photo or use the camera within the app to snap a picture. I love the variety, although I do find some of the effects a bit overwhelming for the photos, but that is a personal preference. You can also save the image at full resolution. This is strictly a camera app - no sharing to social sites through this app.

Get it through the app store here.

What camera apps do you use? Is there one I am missing out on? Please tell me. I need to know. Need. To. Know.


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