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Friday, June 3, 2011

Senior Photos {Taylor}


Yes, you heard me shout that right: she makes her own clothes.

I'm jealous of young women like Taylor. Her dedication to her fashion vision is remarkable to me. I mean, I'm dedicated to my fashion vision too. Mine says, "I won't leave the house looking too schlumpy, unless I'm going to WalMart at 7AM. Then, schlumpiness is allowed." I put on a pair of jeans and dig around in my dresser drawer for the least wrinkled t-shirt I can find, and I'm out the door.

The red lipstick, the pinned you can see, Taylor's a fan of retro chic. But what do you do when you're a leggy, 6ft tall teenager who loves retro chic fashion, but the stores don't sell your style to fit your height (or the clothes are ridiculously expensive to purchase)? You do what this smart, confident teen does: make your own clothes. It took me a day to make a square pillow in home ec, OK? I'm blown away by her talent and inner confidence. I'm also a smidge jealous of her for wearing fashion that is bold and eye catching, yet ever so lady like.

It was a pleasure to be asked by my co-worker Nancy to take her granddaughter's senior photos. Taylor was a little girl when I first met her, and she's grown into a lovely young woman who is already taking on the world.



  1. Jennifer WinbornJune 3, 2011 at 9:33 AM

    Beautiful girl! Beautiful pics! Way to go Erin!

  2. Gorgeous shots! She's beautiful and so are her outfits. Thanks for sharing.



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