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Tuesday, June 28, 2011

So That's Why They Have Phones In Bathrooms!

"Umm...that's really not good," I thought to myself.

The lock on the door knob spun around.

I turned the door knob.

It wouldn't budge.

I turned the door knob in the opposite direction.

I jiggled it furiously.

I pushed, and I pulled.

It still wouldn't budge.

I stood back, looked at the door, and realized...I could potentially be locked in our creepy basement bathroom forever.

My cell phone was sitting on my bed. Upstairs. A lot of good that did me.

I began laughing. I was laughing so hard I couldn't even call out for help. Every time I tried to holler, "MOM! DAD! HELP!" I'd start laughing again.

So I pounded on the door.

And then I heard footsteps.

It was my big brother. He tried the door knob from his end and nothing happened. And then I heard my dad's voice. I had no idea what they were doing on the outside, but the door knob started moving.

They had the door knob removed within a minute, and I was free.

A couple of thoughts occurred to me while I was sitting in my bathroom jail:

1) I may need to reach through that cobweb to open the tiny window. It's starting to get stuffy.

2) At least I had a water supply, and I could eat toothpaste if I had to.

3) It's not even 7AM, and I'm already in a predicament.

4) Since the door knob broke on me, do I have to pay for the new one??

5) So that's why people have telephones in their bathroom. Here I thought they were being all highfalutin and such. No. They've been locked in a bathroom before with no hope of getting out. Their world has been changed by being locked in the bathroom. Their life flashed before their eyes, like mine did. The telephone is a security measure. I will put a request in the maintenance department ASAP to have a phone installed next to the toilet.

And that's how my day started off.

How about yours?


I was just rescued by my dad, again, and it's not even 9AM. I was on my morning jog/walk when he called to tell me the furnace people were on their way and they'd be shutting off the hot water. He picked me up on my route and brought me back so I could get a shower before the water was turned off. I think it's safe to say I'm a little scared to shoot a gun today.

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