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Sunday, August 7, 2011

The Proposal Fairies

Last night, my co-worker Christina and I had the distinct honor and privilege of setting the scene so our co-worker John could propose to the love of his life, Stella. She thought she was going to her mom's house for dinner.


While they were at dinner, Christina and I sneaked into her apartment. We were like burglars with rose petals. And a key. Except we didn't take anything. But we did leave a gorgeous, awesome mess behind.

John and I have been working on the setting for Stella's proposal for a few weeks. John had envisioned candle light...and lots of it. But I reminded him that candles + open flame = fire hazard. So I suggested LED tea lights and candles, and they worked great. John scoured every WalMart on the east side of Baltimore and bought every LED candle they had in stock. Our apologies if you needed some.

Christina was the light fairy. She used the 90 LED tea lights John purchased to create a path from her front door, up the stairs, and into her loft living room. Side note - Stella's apartment is one of the coolest apartments I've ever seen.

I was the flower fairy. Four dozen red roses and two dozen pink roses (Costco rocks) made for plenty of rose petals to line Christina's tea light path. I also sprinkled them around the rug the coffee table was on and on the table itself. I kept a few rose petal heads in tact and placed them on the table with the silver tray. The tray had a cup in the center, so I piled the petals inside the cup to make a bed to hold the ring box.

It should be noted that there is something wonderfully therapeutic about ripping the head of a rose off its stem and scattering the petals about. Just try it. You'll see what I mean.

A bottle of 12NtM Rouge ("a chef-crafted blend of herbs, spices, fruit juices and organic teas"), some glasses, and chocolates set the stage and completed the John & Stella Table O' Romance.

Can I tell you how nerve wracking it was to be holding on to Stella's ring for two days?


I checked on the box every 5 minutes to make sure it hadn't moved.

Now I have an inkling of how the guys feel.

Christina and I will soon be marketing ourselves as The Proposal Fairies. Unfortunately, after doing this, we have decided that our future husbands (wherever, whoever, and if ever they be) now have an expectation to live up to.

We can expect no less for ourselves.

We won't put the pressure of rose petals and candlelight on our future, respective fiancees/husbands, but it better be something as good and thoughtful as what John dreamed of and we just helped him pull off.

Christina, John, Stella, Me...and a photobomb in the background

By the way - she said YES!

Congrats, John and Stella! John has found an incredible, sweet, gracious, strong woman to be his wife. And in return, Stella has found a sweet, caring, generous man to be her husband. It was awesome to be part of your proposal story.

Have fun cleaning up now!



  1. Erin!!! Thank you ladies SO SO SO much!! It was all incredibly beautiful I KNEW there had to be some female persuasion behind all the petals & lights-- John is very lucky to have such kind-hearted co-workers/friends... and so am I ^.^ yayyyy u chicas rock!!

  2. WOW! I'm not sure who I'm more impressed and Christina for pulling off such an INCREDIBLE setting...or John for imagining it and wanting it for his beloved in the first place! How about I just tell you ALL...WELL DONE!!!

  3. This sounds so fun! The whole proposal scene is beautiful!



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