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Monday, January 16, 2012

An Open Letter To Morning TV News Shows

Dear TV Morning Shows,

I understand there can be a struggle to fill time and find compelling content.

I get that.

I'm in radio.

I know the planning and prepping that goes into each day. Some days, even with everything that's going on in the world, it's like there's nothing out there and you've got to make your own content. But there are some days when your show is tied up with a bow and placed neatly in your lap.

Like today.

On a day meant to honor a man who spoke against injustice at his own risk and literally changed the world, it seems incredibly shallow to spend your entire morning show talking about the hair, make-up, and dresses of the Golden Globes with hardly a mention of him. The hair, make-up, and dresses of the Golden Globes mean nothing to the average viewer. There's nothing they can do with that information. They aren't going to wear the hair styles. Most can't afford the dresses. More than likely, your target viewer will never go to an event to even wear a tux or floor length gown. Why would we care that your morning show host is partying with Bradley Cooper? Or that she just gushed all over Kate Winslet? It's like being forced to watch your home movie, and I'm not in it. It holds no value.

Think about where your target viewer is today. The Golden Globes were last night. They're in the past. It feels fresh to you because you've been up all night partying. But to the rest of us? Not so much. The only thing we care about today is if something funky or funny happened. Other than that, who really cares? We're on to today. And, today, we're all pretty much aware that it's Martin Luther King Jr. Day. It's impossible to think about MLK without thinking about his dream and the way he changed the world.

Instead of making MLK Day a 10 second mention in the news segment, how about daring to put the Golden Globes in that 10 second mention, and spend the morning as a tribute to the spirit of MLK?

How about a spotlight on people who are changing lives?

Or average people who are inspirational difference makers in their community?

Or people who are living out their dream?

That's compelling, memorable content. That's content I care about. It shows me that I can be a better person. It shows me that there are people out there who are doing good things for others. That's content that shows me that my dreams are possible. That's content that makes me feel good.

You could own MLK Day and be known as the most compassionate and inspirational TV morning show. You could be known as the morning show people want to watch on MLK Day because they don't want to miss the inspirational stories.

Dare to be different.

MLK was.

Because of his dream and his actions our entire world is different.



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