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Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Christmas Stocking Stuffer Ideas

Some gentlemen clearly bored out of their gourds while waiting for their wives to shop 

I had the morning off yesterday, so I decided to be proactive and do some Christmas shopping. Every year I plan to be ready by Christmas and every year I'm totally not.

Like, I am shoving gifts into bags on Christmas morning that's how not ready I am.

And I hate that.

I feel like it tells my family that they aren't important and other things are.

So, I'm digging my heels in this year, and I'm making it happen. Family first.

I went to a bajillion million trillion stores this morning to find the perfect gift. If my family is reading this...just because I mention the store doesn't mean I bought you something there. Winkety-wink-wink.

I saw so many cool things that would be great stocking stuffers or gifts, I just decided to start taking pictures with my iPhone so I could share them with you. Rather than make a trillion Facebook or Twitter posts (which I'm sure you appreciate!), I figured I'd pop 'em all in a post. I'm also sharing the location and price as I can remember them in case you decide you want to go out and get them for a loved one.


Le Creuset Round French Oven Magnets 
Price: $14.00 (saw on Amazon for $9.95)

Aren't these ADORABLE?? If you have a friend who is a foodie or loves to cook, they'll love these

Chef'n Mixer Spatula
Price: $12 (also available online here)

What makes this worth it? The scraper is curved and designed to fit inside your mixer bowl 
so you can scrape all the batter and delightfulness WITHOUT having to turn off your mixer!

Chef'n Banana Slicer
Price: $9.95 (also available online here)

Sure, you could grab a knife and keep slicing the banana up for your cereal like you always do, but why do that when you could have this gizmo that makes perfect slices?? Symmetry! Symmetry! Embrace it!


Flings Bins Party Trash Can
Price: $5.99 (also found online here)

Um...this is just pretty genius. For a party? Yeah. Think about it. Do you have one of those hard to find trash cans? Like, is it hidden under a sink and you don't want people poking through your kitchen to find it? Or are you planning a party and you know your trash can isn't big enough to handle it? Grab a couple of these, spread them throughout the house, and when the party is over, pull the handles and set it outside with the other garbage. Boom! I need this. Each bin is a 3 gallon tall kitchen size, and it's leak proof. I checked out their website and they sell them direct, so if you know you need a bunch, you can order them there and get a definite discount (4 bins for $16 = $4 each). I also saw that if you spend $40, you'll get free shipping.


Home Depot Gift Card Holders
Price: $2.99

If you're going to get a gift card from Home Depot, you might as well splurge and get one of these ADORABLE gift card holders. A Home Depot apron, little paint bucket, tool box, or box with levels on it...these are just too cute and a clever way to package a gift card. Kudos to Home Depot on very clever packaging.


Price: $5.00

It's like a Snuggie for kids, except it zips up so it becomes like a warm fleece case...and it's only $5. 

Tote Bags
Price: $4-$5

You never know when you'll need a tote and what you'll need one for. The best part is, these guys are cheap and they have some fashionable designs. Why not make the tote part of the gift? Instead of placing the gift in a gift bag or box, use the tote. You'll spend around the same price and the recipient will get something they can use again. 

Mesh Bins
Price: $4.00

Again...think outside the box...or bag. These mesh bins are a steal for $4. 

Travel Mugs
Price: $5.00

I have three of these mugs - one at home, two at work (one for coffee; one for tea). I heart them in a huge way. It makes me feel like I've been to Starbucks, except I've kept my money in my pocket. 

Smithsonian Science Kits
Price: $3.00

Christmas is the time for these DYI kits. I loved them as a kid, and I think my parents enjoyed doing these kinds of things with us. I mean, what kid wouldn't want to make their own bouncy ball? Or slime? COOL! Plus, at $3, it's a great stocking stuffer.

Inflatable Chair
Price: $5.00 

Buzz Lightyear, Disney Princesses, all on an inflatable chair? A pint sized, kid-sized chair? What kid doesn't like things that are made to their size?

Team Gnome
Price: $5.00

For the sports fan that has everything, I guarantee they don't have a garden gnome wearing their team logo. This would be a hilarious white elephant gift. They had Ravens and Redskins gnomes in stock. 

Chronicles of Narnia Game
Price: $5.00

With the new Chronicles of Narnia movie coming out this weekend, your kids will probably want Narnia merchandise. And Christmas is the time to get games. My brothers and I all got games at Christmas. Are we the only ones? I actually enjoyed playing games. Especially when I won.


Flavored Lip Balms
Price: $1.95 - $4.95

I want EV-ER-Y-ONE of these flavors. Stocking stuffer? Yes. Yes, indeed. I typically think of Claire's and cheap little earrings. Nope, I will now think of them as the crazy, delicious lip balm place.  


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