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Monday, December 6, 2010

Polar Express 4D at the National Aquarium



I got to meet one in person. One of the best days of my life. Evah. This is Jingles the Elf. We're now BFF's. We got our picture taken together. He's permanently stationed at the National Aquarium in Baltimore, hon. And I got to meet him. Elves really are tiny, aren't they?? And, yes, I am wearing a Snuggie. It was 65 degrees in the morning and it dropped 30 degrees. I reached for the nearest thing. And I rockkkkkkked that Snuggie. All I needed was a chunky belt and it would have been a complete outfit. Anyway.

Meeting Jingles the Elf was only the very beginning a fun evening at the National Aquarium. I was fortunate to attend a private screening of the Polar Express 4-D Experience in the Aquarium's Immersion Theater along with some other Baltimore media and social media people. Big thanks to Jen Bloomer, the media coordinator for the National Aquarium, for the invite and for putting on such a fun event!

Now, for the review...

Can I tell you? Downtown Baltimore is beautiful right now. All the trees are decorated and it seriously feels like old time Baltimore Christmas nostalgia. For those not familiar with the area, this is directly across from the National Aquarium.

Look at this beautiful spread!

How does an Arbutus girl know it's a quality spread?
She knows it's a quality spread when they break out the cheese and strawberries.

I have to admit, these glasses made me chuckle.
The glass says, "Save water. Drink Beer." And then in tiny print under that, "Responsibly."

While the adults were busy enjoying the spread, the kids were having a blast.

Who would have thought a bunch of lighted tubes filled with bubbling water would make kids go crazy with fun?

That's what I love about kids.

They can take any ordinary object and turn it into a game.

Remember hiding in the clothing racks when you were a kid? I never see circular racks anymore. That was my favorite place to hide in the store.

Until I got in trouble for hiding.

Then it wasn't fun anymore.

The Polar Express 4-D Experience was held in the Immersion Theater.

Oh, yes. Popcorn. Not the 94% fat free stuff I usually eat. Real popcorn.

Typically food or drink isn't allowed in the theater and for good reason. With all the 4-D excitement, someone is bound to toss a drink or popcorn in the air.

Not that I did that while enjoying the experience or anything.

While we waited for the movie to start, these cute little conservation tips flashed on the screen.

I like this one.

I love having permission to drink double quantities of hot chocolate.

This sign is posted outside of the theater.

It's no joke. For reals.

If you don't know what 4-D is, it's a 3-D movie where you feel and smell what's happening on the screen. Lights will flash, scents will fill the air, things will fall from the ceiling. You could also get a spritz of water, a poke in the back, or feel something move around your legs.

There was a 90 second 4-D preview of Animal Planet's Australia exhibit that featured Australian wildlife. A number of the kids and a few sensitive women (so I don't like bats, K?) freaked out. A crocodile flicked its tail and we felt a poke in our back. Bats flapped their wings and we felt something flutter around legs. We went on a trip on the river and got "sprayed" by the water crashing against the boat.

It was actually pretty cool. But, seriously, the sign is there for a purpose.

Polar Express 4-D is fun. Like, really fun. I don't want to give away all the surprises and fun, but I'll tell you my two favorites: snow and pine.

SNOW: It actually snows in the theater. Like, real man-made snow. Not confetti, but real melty snow. I LOVED that. I didn't catch any snowflakes on my tongue though. Lucy Van Pelt wised me up that January snowflakes are riper than December ones.

PINE: This is better than scratch-n-sniff. There's a part in the movie where the kids are pulling presents out from under the pine Christmas tree and we can SMELL THE CHRISTMAS TREE! Maybe I really loved it because we have an artificial tree. It doesn't matter. It smelled like Christmas in the Immersion Theater.

After Polar Express (the movie is around 15 minutes), we were treated to a preview of the Dora & Diego's 4-D Adventure: Catch That Robot Butterfly! 4-D Experience. The kids capped and squealed for Dora & Diego like a 16 year old who just found out Justin Bieber is coming out with a new CD. Clearly, I am not up on my kids' shows. I had no idea Dora and Diego were that popular.

I can't wait to take Devyn, "our baby." She's 3, and when she's not getting her beauty rest, she will totally enjoy the National Aquarium. I want to introduce her to a Baltimore tradition. I know she will LOVE Dora & Diego.

If you're thinking of going to the National Aquarium, make sure to become their fan on Facebook and on Twitter. This week only they are offering some great deals for the holiday season. Today's deal: $10 off Total Experience Package thru 2/28/11. Limit 4. Use code MAIDS8 at 12/6 only. Click here for rules.

Also, during December, you can get in on Fridays after 5PM (Fridays After Five) for $5.

I heart a bargain!


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