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Monday, June 13, 2011

I Was (Almost!) Robbed

Apparently, the unicorns that stand guard, protecting my car at night were

A) lured away by the scent of cotton candy clouds

B) decided to go lick the lollipop fence

C) were put in a trance by a bandit who promised they could frolic in the Gum Drop Forest

I'm opting for C because when I got in my car Sunday morning, it was like a modern day Goldilocks and the Three Bears. I knew someone had been in sitting in my car. SOMETHING was off. I noticed my dead Rebel XT body that I keep tucked away because I've been too lazy to walk it 50 feet into my house was sitting on my passenger side seat. I never leaving something that appears to be uber valuable in plain view. Yet, there it was. My GPS and other "valuable" items were still there, so I chalked it up to me moving stuff around and forgetting about it.

When I got home from church, there was a Baltimore Co. Police car sitting across the street, which is not unusual since the neighbor's son and my brother are both BCPD. In this case, they were in my hood on real, official business.

The neighborhood had been breached.

About 4 neighbors had items stolen from their cars - GPS units, a portable DVD player, loose change, and some snacks. I had nothing - NOTHING - taken from mine.

Part of me is grateful.

Part of me is offended.

Was my stuff not as good as my neighbor's stuff??

Is my stuff so worthless a THIEF wouldn't even STEAL it????

I have valuable stuff! My GPS is valuable! My cheetah print Snuggie that was sitting on my backseat is valuable! Those six pennies that were sitting in my cup holder equal a dime if four more pennies are added to it!

But I'm grateful none of those items were stolen. I have now removed all items from my car. I will always keep my car doors locked at night. I had about an 89% doors locked completion rate before.



If a thief wants to get into my car, they will have to bust a window so that I can hear it. And then I will hunt them down. Or call 911. Or both. Whatever it takes. I have nails, and I can screech my lungs out. You better believe it.

My public service message to you is...remove everything from your car. Don't keep change in the cup holder, don't keep your GPS in the glove compartment, don't give them an excuse to take anything. Keep your car doors locked at night.

Unless the unicorns that guard your car aren't easily swayed by the scent of cotton candy and lollipops like my guard unicorns are.



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  1. Well, it's great that nothing was stolen from you. It's best to be 100% sure that the doors are locked and nothing valuable is in view. It serves as a way to reduce the temptation of would-be thieves, as it would take too much time and risk to search a seemingly empty car for valuables.



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