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Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Find It In Everything

If we're friends on Facebook, then you know about my sweet love notes from God. Whenever my heart needs a little extra love, God always fashions a heart out of nature and drops it in my path, typically on my morning walk.

When I see that little heart, I think of the incredible effort God put into making it for me.

Growing a tree, making one of the little leaves unlike the rest (or a potato, in the case of the potato chip), and then dropping it on the ground so it's waiting for me at the exact moment I walk by.

It's kind of mind-boggling, yet that's God.

This one was different.

I didn't even see it until after I got home from this concert I was working/photographing. I remember feeling stressed and alone that day, and it was compounded by thousands of people who came as friends. Surprise - I wasn't alone!

In the wintertime, He gets really creative since I'm not outside walking.

The potato chip was discovered during winter.

Most recently, I discovered this one on the ground on my way into the gym after I had told God that I missed finding little heart treasures on my outside walks with Him.

Today, I took a little trip to Barnes & Noble, and as I was waiting in line, a simple, white book caught my eye, "Find It in Everything." When I saw it was by Drew Barrymore, I actually got out of line to pick it up. She's been one of my favorite actresses, and we're also distantly related. Supposedly, my great-great grandmother was first cousins with Lionel, Ethel, and John (Drew's grandfather) Barrymore. Family legend has it that no one talked about them or wanted anything to do with them because they were "actors" and it wasn't an honorable profession. {insert chuckles here}

As I flipped through the book, I noticed a theme... hearts.

"Find It in Everything" is a collection of Drew's personal photographs. Hearts have been a theme in her life and every time she sees one, she takes a picture of it. Sounds familiar!

I enjoyed the personal anecdotes that went with the photos. One of my favorites was the bread clip:
"I have seen these for so many years.  
I have handled them - twisted things and clamped these on.  
It was waiting for me to find it. 
One day the heart appeared. 
It has been there all along."
I bought the book on the spot. An entire book about found hearts is like water to a thirsty heart finder, and this was my heart find. I wonder if Drew had any idea when she put this together that someone else would consider her book of found hearts to be a found heart itself.

How about you? Do you have a reoccurring theme that pops up when you need it most?

This was not a paid book review - just my own thoughts and opinions!

Get a copy anywhere books are sold or here.

Connect with Drew on Twitter here.

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  1. That is so awesome! I really need to slow down and pay attention to the love notes from God. I get so caught up with my busy life that I don't stop to "Find it in Everything" I was actually thinking about you on last week and your love notes and wondering if God sends me those too. After reading your blog I felt him saying "You just need to pause and pay attention and you'll see my love notes to you:!



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