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Thursday, November 4, 2010

The Mobbies

I think it was an accident.

Somehow, I've been nominated in the Baltimore Sun's Most Outstanding Blog (mobbies) contest. The fact that someone likes my blog and Twitter...and they aren't my mind blowing to me.

I mean, my parents have to read my blog because they're my parents.

But real live people?

What's wrong with you???

It's probably why I like you.

So. Here's the scoop on the Mobbies. You can vote for me in a couple different categories: Best Overall Blog, Best Twitter Feed (Personal), Personal, and Misfit: Defying Categorization.

I heart the misfit title in a huge way.

I'm listed under the Twitter category by my Twitter handle: @I_M_ErinBranham. I'm listed under the blogs by this super awesome blog's title: Better Than Doing Laundry. Check out the handy dandy picture I made for you up above, hon. You have to register, but you can do that easily through Facebook, Twitter, and a couple of social sites. Registered users get one vote per category per 24-hour period. So 24 hours after your last vote is when you can vote again. I'll be honest, it feels a bit complicated...even to me. So I'll thank you in advance for taking the time to vote daily for me!

Now, if I win, there is a strong chance that you could see a flying unicorn. If you're not up for seeing a flying unicorn, I will get a pet rock and name it after you. Just thought I would let you know that.

Well, what are ya waiting for? Get to gettin' and go vote! Voting ends November 12.

While you're there, definitely check out the competition! I recommend John Milleker and John Waire in the Photography section and Adventures in Extreme Parenthood in the Family section. You'll get acquainted with some really great new blogs and maybe make some new bloggie friends!


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