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Tuesday, September 27, 2011

The DIY Tote Bag Experience

We faced opposition.

We were laughed at to our faces.

We were mocked.

But we persevered.

We showed our mothers and the rest of our families that we could sew without injuring ourselves or others, and have the end result look halfway decent!

Ladies and gentlemen...the finished product! TA-DA!!

I made three bags and Tatiana made three. Let's just say I had a lot of old t-shirts.

We hit a bit of snag in the beginning.

Like, "broke the sewing machine" kind of snag.

I was completely useless.

I had no idea how to help Tatiana fix it.

So I did what any supportive friend would do: I sat by, watched, and took photos with my iPhone in case I needed to make an emergency Facebook or Twitter post detailing our plight.

But she did it. She got it FIXED! After a call to her mother. But "we" got it fixed.

So we sewed and sewed and actually had a great time. The bags were super simple to make - we used this tutorial and this one. I had a bunch of XL tshirts that no longer fit (YAY!), so that's what we used to create the bags. We discovered that smaller shirts work better. The t-shirt material is pretty stretchy, so we ended up chopping more fabric off of the bottom and sides to make the bags smaller, otherwise they would have stretched down to our toes. All together, they were super simple and an easy beginner sewing project.

When we got done our bags, we both sent our mothers texts with pictures. I sent my mom this picture...

And this was her response...

"My awesome sewing genes flow in your blood." Reason #3,467 why I heart my mother.


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